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Off The Wall ParkLife Cafe

Off The Wall ParkLife Cafe

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The Café, Harrow Weald Recreation Ground, High Road
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ParkLife Café  is run by a small full time team and our community of volunteers, liberally sprinkled with kindness and nice natured people,  a place where you can chat and relax with others, while enjoying tasty fresh food and a variety of drinks at community prices. 
Parklife Cafe is located  next to Harrow Weald Bus Garage, on the edge of Harrow Weald Recreation ground, 5.5 acres of parkland and stunningly looked after by the locals

The Harrow Weald “OF THE WALL” Rotating Art Gallery is located within the tiny tiny building known as ParkLife Cafe, found in the said parkland next to Harrow Weald Bus Garage, with easy access by road, plane, bus and walking, cycling, roller blades, Please note: We cannot offer parking for camels.

What is a rotating art gallery? A fun way to display and change the art every two months and have a reason for a local happening to celebrate everything.

A partnership with ParkLife Cafe and Harrow Art Society in conjunction with local independent artists from around Harrow and the wealds.

If you are a local artist and want to get involved please call 07749155711


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